Birds of Korond Slow Design Napkin Ring

These Birds of Korond lace napkin rings are some of our costumer's favorits. The most recent piece within the Birds of Korond Range turned out to be a beautiful romantic decoration for the tabletop. With a contemporary feel it reflects upon the laces of old times and the Hungarian traditional motifs. 

Leser cut recycled paper.

In the name of the reusable, our range made of spoilage was created for the project called "Live slower" at the Budapest Design Week. We would like to help those who's aim is to communicate contemporary design and eco-friendly living at the same time even at the decoration of cakes. These wraps are made of carefully selected used paper. Each piece is different and is impossible to repeat exactly twice. Both sides of the paper can be used. For individual needs we are happy to create objects from paper you bring to us as well for special occasions. 

There are 100 in a pack.

Birds of Korond Range
Slow Design Range

Size: 24x6,5 cm